About us

CMR KOREA has been focusing on intercom sysytem of marine over 25 years. it has branches in Korea Marine company.
Our company was re-established in 2014 as a subsidiary of CMR GROUP, has made various sensors, communication equipment of ships.

are located in Busan, Korea and all members are trying to form the basis of leading company in marine automation and communication with the best quality and management. To accomplish our goal, we have made the following three plans, excellent management in focusing on high quality products, development of high technology products to be a leader in marine automation and communication, and planning and practicing long and short term's project, we are recognized in the field and, registered as an associated company to heavy industries such as Samsung, Hyundai, STX and Daewoo, etc. Based on this condition, we are supplying to the intemational marine market including the domestic market.

Since the establishment of the company, the sales have increased constantly. To respond the increased demand, we propel a mass production preparation. We promise to do our best for our customer's profit and satisfaction.

Thank you.



CMR Korea has constantly researched and developed new products, and believe our company is the leader in the filed of marine communication with the best quality and management.

◈ Marine Telephone

◈ Public Addess System

◈ Communal Aerial System


◈ Sensor


◈ Entertainment

◈ Marine Clock

◈ Anemometer