Marine Telephone

1. Auto. Telephone System - CMR Korea

SAT-144D Marine Digital Telephone Exchange creates a digital communication system that meets all aspects of internal and external communication on board. Based on the latest voice communication system that features VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and IP telephony its flexible configuration is a cost effective solution for you. If you need to improve your efficiency by integrating voice , Internet and data services. SAT-144D is the right choice.

2. Sound Powered Telephone

These Telephones do not require a source of electric power for calling and communication. Rotating handle will generate electric power to ring the other station. And the accumulated power is used to amplify acoustic sounds to make conversation loud and clear. They are roughly classified into two systems; Direct Telephone and Selective Telephone. The latter allows maximum 12 telephones.

3. Common Battery Telephone

This equipment utilizes the ship's power supply of 24 Volts DC to activate the voice communication circuits. With a press of the quick access button, you can communicate with the opposite party. A communication can be made in a clear, loud voice. In order to meet the requirement of the various systems and applications, a variety of telephone sets and optional items are readily available from our stock.

4. Intrinsically Safe Telephone

Intrinsically Safe Telephone system is designed to communicate at dangerous locations in the vessel (either at normal conditions or in the area with the possibility of explosive gas in case of accident), as it performs perfectly for the intrinsically safe construction. The structure of this system is carefully manufactured to be humidity, water, shock, and corrosion resistant in consideration of the maritime environment. The quality of voice signal and side tone was improved by adopting a low-noise OP-AMP in the telephone. Noises induced from the voice transmitter were remarkably reduced by using the circuits with high common mode rejection ratio.

The system was tested at the IEC60945 standard and approved for CE.

Public Address System

- Control

Free choice of priority, line-in circuit, broadcast area, speaker, preset for your needs.

- Maneuvering & Loading Instructions

Convenient for on-board use.

- Convenient for on-board use.

General, fire, each combined with P.A Also, warning, fog sensor, etc

- Safe

Designed to meet the standards of every official body or authority, then doubled generation circuit of main amp. of alarm signal keeps amplifier safe from speaker circuit trouble.

- Paging

Combined with exchange, all area of partial group announcement available


Announcements, alarms, music and entertainment Dual loop A and B amplifier, talk Back, automatic panels, music sources Interface to telephone system, fire and alarm systems AC 220V and 24V DC

Communal Aerial System

SCA-124 Communal Aerial System is designed for listening radio and watching TV satisfactory in any direction at sea and the omni-directional antenna and whip antenna are made of solid material in consideration of hard marine environment at sea. The multi-amplifier built in main unit enables to cover AM, SW, FM, VHF and UHF band and adopted AGC (Automatic Gain Control) circuit to prevent the rage of a weak electro-magnetic wave.


CMR offers you the widest range of CCTV equipment - of Cameras, recorders, monitors, multiplexers, quads, web cameras, observation systems, digital recorders, switchers, controllers… all with good quality, for facilitating safety, prevention of danger, and security of the crew with the cameras installed in the engine room and other locations.

This product provides a complete visual monitoring solution even when a limited bandwidth and memory space are available by adopting a very efficient method of video compression and minimising transmission load. A coaxial cable (online) system, a UTP cable (network IP) system, or a system using both are available to be used in the system.


Our range of specialized industrial engine sensors, marine sensors and nuclear sensors are the most tried and tested in global engine, power and rotating machinery markets. Our knowledge of sensors spans 50 years, all tested and referenced by the worlds' largest low, medium and high speed industrial engine and equipment manufacturers. CMR's deep understanding of engine platform and marine requirements include elegant solutions deployed inside the engine crank case using wireless technology and J1939 smart sensors, also special sensor for LNG cargo tank.


Integrated Alarm Monitoring Control Systom(IAMCS)


1. Marine Clock

Master Clock System is a device for indicating precise time and date to the analogue/digital slave clocks as well as recording and monitoring the operation data of the vessel.